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At Luxembourg Wine & and Spirit Academy (LWSA) , you will find the course that suits you. Whether you want to become an expert in wine or you simply want to know more about wine, there is a course made for you. 

LWSA is very proud to be the first Approved Program Provider of the worldwide famous Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) in the Grand Duchy.

Our wine courses

WSET Level 1

1 day | 9+ wines

Difficulty :Level 1 in wines

WSET Level 2

3 days | 40+ wines

Difficulty : Level 2 in wines

WSET Level 3

5.5 days | 70+ wines

Difficulty : Level 3 in wines

Cedric Izri

Cedric Izri

Founder, Educator

Born from passion

Both originally from France, Cedric and Geoffrey's wine school idea was born on the benches of their WSET schooling journey. Both passionate, it soon became obvious that they both wanted to share their knowledge with others. And there was born LWSA. 

From Burgundy to New Zealand, their wine expertise will take you round the world in no time. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!

Geoffrey Barre

Geoffrey Barre

Founder, Educator

Why choose us?


 Wine is all about sharing. Sharing new flavours and new experiences with you. This is what drives us at LWSA. 


We only do courses in small committes to enhance your experience and learn better and faster. Our educators are fully trained from the prestigeous Wine and Spirit Trust Academy. 


Passion and fun go together! At LWSA, we want you to learn in a decontracted setting and participate to the class - and of course enjoy the wine tasting as much as we do!

Ready to learn about wine?

Discover the world of wines and spirits

The world of wine is fascinating . From the ancient Roman time until today, It has never stopped evolving. 


Considering wine as an important component of many ancient cultures is key to understand the complexity of it, might it be related to appellations, styles, grape varieties and more. France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Georgia, Greece and many more all have centuries of history related to wine. 

However, regions with a more recent culture of wine, called the new world, are progressivley building a wine culture, different from the old world. This makes the world of wine such diverse and enjoyable. 

At Luxembourg Wine & Spirit Academy, we consider the world of wine as a limitless playfield of experiences. We love to see students being surprised by a wine they even never heard about a minute before. Above everything, we want our students to become knowledgeable ambassadors of wine and we put extra efforts in this. 

Sharing our passion for wines do not limit us to it. We are equally passionate by other enjoyable liquids. Japanese Sake, spirits, beer are other elements of the knowledge we want to share with our students and future students

When establishing our school, it appeared clearly that the WSET awards in wines fit perfectly with our idea of the wine world. 

Quality wine is today produced almost everywhere in the world. At LWSA we promote open minded approach to wines. Everyone has a preference when it comes to personal taste. However, we want everyone to be able to recognize and appreciate a quality wine made anywhere in the world. 

No boundaries, no premade ideas is our motto!

We chose to establish our school in Luxembourg for a few reasons. First of all, we, the founders, Cédric and Geoffrey, have been working in the Grand Duchy for more than 10 years. We appreciate the international aspect of the country, the mix of origins and cultures binding all together in this tiny region.  Also Luxembourg has a long history of wine production, being located along the Mosel river. The culture of wine is strong in the country and locals have developped a solid culture and knowledge of wines, primarily from the homeland and surrounding countries (France, Germany) but also from all over the world. This makes Luxembourg the perfect location for a wine school. 

Last but not least, the country is in the center of Europe, easily reachable by train (2 hours from Paris), by plane (2 hours max from anywhere in Europe), by road. 


Come visit us for a course, you'll not regret it!